Carivino Wine Bottle All in One

Carivino Wine Bottle All in One

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Our Classic Bottle in Akoya Pearl White is the all-in-one insulated wine bottle you’ve been searching for with a 750 mL capacity, built-in aerator, ceramic interior, and removable base featuring a set of tumblers, stems, and a corkscrew. Get yours today!


  • Built-in venturi-style aerator
  • Ceramic and vacuum-insulated interior
  • Removable base stores a set of two tumblers with stems and a corkscrew
  • Holds one standard bottle of wine

Engineered with wine drinkers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, our Classic Bottle makes for an easy, convenient, and eco-friendly way to take your favorite wine on the go. The stunning Akoya Pearl White color and built-in aerator make every sip feel luxurious and smooth. Thanks to a vacuum-insulated interior, it keeps wine chilled all day and the added ceramic lining prevents any metallic taste from getting left behind. Get your Classic Bottle in Akoya Pearl White today, and indulge in wine without limits!